Methods (9)

Drowning in forum posts

This text by Thomas Hillman details a relatively simple way of scrapping and organizing data from online forums that do not provide API access without the need to code. Obviously, writing simple scripts using libraries like Beautiful Soup for Python is a more efficient way to work, but it requires a good amount of effort to learn the basics of programming. This effort is worth it in the end, but in the mean time it is good to have work arounds.

Mapping data with Gephi

This tutorial by Thomas Hillman walks through the process of mapping the keywords for scientific publications. This is most useful for conducting systematic literature reviews, but the tutorial can also be used as a general introduction to mapping data using network graphing techniques.

Packet sniffing

This recipe by Thomas Hillman gives an introduction to how you can do some basic analysis of the data that is exchanged between a computer and online servers when using particular platforms or services (e.g. social media, learning management systems, etc). It discusses some simple approaches to uncovering infrastructures that could be used to enrich ethnographic inquiries into the ways people use digital systems rather than providing a introduction to network traffic analysis for computer science purposes.

Quick & dirty social media scrapping

This tutorial by Thomas Hillman describes some basic ways of extracting data from different digital platforms (Flickr, Twitter and Instagram) without needing to code. Being able to code simple scripts to work with social media data is an excellent skill to have, but it is possible to get started with working with trace data without it.

Trace ethnography & online sociality

This recipe by by Thomas Hillman introduces a particular flavour of trace ethnography adapted for understanding social interactions on online platforms. As people interact online, the traces they leave drive the digital platforms for social interaction they use.

Transana quick start

This reference by Thomas Hillman offers a basic starting point for analysing video using Transana, an application developed by David Woods which can run on either Mac OS X or Windows and allows users to perform qualitative analysis of video data.

Video workflow

This recipe byby Thomas Hillman briefly describes a workflow for video analysis starting at the point of having video recorded on a camera.